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Black lives matter.

In light of MLK Day 2021, I want to do something tangible to support the Black community and BLM movement.

If you Venmo a $5 donation (or more) to me @connerching, I’ll thank you by:

  • Mailing you a handwritten thank you note

  • Sending you another handwritten card to give to a loved one OR
  • Reviewing your resume or cover letter OR
  • Editing up to 5 of your photos (check out my photography here)

I’ll donate your money to The Movement for Black Lives, a network of 100+ civil rights and criminal justice reform organizations such as Color of Change, the Black Movement Law Project, and the Black Lives Matter Network.

Once you’ve Venmo’d me, please fill out this form with your info —that’s how I’ll know if you’d like a card/resume review/photo edit. I'll reach out to confirm within 24 hours.

Donate to BLM

Thanks so much for clicking on this page, and thanks in advance for your donation. Let’s be better, together.

Can’t wait to be in touch :)